Frequently Asked Questions

 Update 01 October 2013 - This study is now closed.

When does the ADVICE Study start?
It is hoped recruitment will begin end of May / Early June 2012

How much money will the GP practice receive for participating in this study?
Each practice will receive £400 PLUS an additional £25 per participant recruited

What will the participants receive as compensation?

£10 Marks & Spencer voucher

What is Trial Torrent Software?

Developed by Tay Dynamic in conjunction with clinical practice and university medical schools, Trial Torrent identifies potential trial candidates during consultation: A popup flags potential candidates, presents additional criteria and offers a 1-click signup process that seamlessly manages communication between patients, healthcare professionals and research staff.

Has this software been used in the NHS previously?

Yes, the software has been used in the NHS. In addition to the original Tayside trial, Tay Dynamic currently has software installed in areas from Devon to Norfolk.

How it would be installed?

Trial torrent has its own installers, but the easiest approach is for us to install the main component using Logmein Rescue.  

How much disc space it would require?

The disk space requirement is minimal but a desktop component will need to be available on each machine used for consultation by participating GPs.

What would be the likely effects on their system (i.e. speed, performance)?

The software has been extensively rewritten with the main objective being to minimize load on the host system. Consequently, there should be no noticeable effect on performance - unless the system is already overloaded and short of memory. 


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